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Astrog – Steam CD Key


ASTROG is a roguelike top-down action game with exploration and a simple progression system. Explore dynamically generated space, collect relics and artefacts, mine resources, upgrade your ship, experiment with skill combinations and fight hordes of enemies.

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About Astrog

ASTROG is a roguelike top-down action game with exploration and a simple progression system.

As a member of the Astrog Initiative (astra + rogue) you were traveling through undiscovered parts of space, gathering data about strange new worlds. At your journey your radar found a magnetic anomaly, that were emitting radio signal. It turned out to be the artefact created by extraterrestrial species. After examining the artefact, you’ve obtained data about highly advanced alien technology and artefact teleported to the unknown place in space, you’re communication with the command center seems to be deliberately jammed by someone. Not being able return home, you’re only option now is to check the radar and keep exploring this part of space, perhabs you’ll find the source of jamming…

Current features:

These features already implemented, but they will be refined and fleshed out as development goes on.

  • Dynamic world: environment and encounters randomly generated as you move through space
  • Free-flow combat system: there are no restrictions on what combinations of skills you can use simultaneously, experiment as you like
  • 44 different skills and weapons to use, such as death rays, missiles, damage auras, shields, teleporter, gravity emitters and so on
  • Instant action: select activity you like with your radar based tracking system
  • Collect blueprints, that can be obtained from alien artefacts and relics, used to craft weapons, perks and augmentations
  • Avoid or use to your advantage different traps, anomalies and hazards that surround artefacts and relics
  • Storm fortified space stations, packed with mines, death rays, defence towers, observing satellites and other safeguard systems
  • 30 types of enemy spaceships and defence fortifications
  • Mine asteroids for resources and develop upgrades for your ship
  • Over 60 classic musical records, that can be collected and played

Planned features:

These features will be implemented later in the development, if you buy game now, there will be no need to buy additional content like DLCs or addons to get them.

  • Story mode
  • Non hostile NPCs and dialogue system
  • Expansion of content: more enemy types, more skills, more environment assets, more activities, more everything
  • Improved AI
  • Research milestones: various goals similar to achievements, but for in-game rewards
  • Session goals: randomly generated every time yous start game (in-game rewards only)

Potential features:

These features potentially will be developed later on.

  • Expanded story mode: global objective and various ways of achieving it, from destroying everything on sight to negotiating and manipulating NPCs
  • More factions, that have different relationships with you and each other
  • Manually created side quests
  • Randomly constructed side quests
  • Random secret encounters, with pop culture references
  • Level editor
  • Steam achievements
  • MacOS version

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