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Cloudbuilt – Steam CD Key


Rocket parkour your way through obstacles and robot hazards, in this 3rd person action platformer with 40+ levels. Updated for 2020!

Cloudbuilt – Steam CD Key


About Cloudbuilt

Explore a world soaring high above the clouds, using all the abilities of your rocket powered suit.

Run on walls, leap hundreds of meters, dodge, and destroy hostile robots.


Scale huge walls, rocket boost at blistering speeds, and perform giant leaps. Find your own path through obstacles, or find clever shortcuts to skip them altogether—though it won’t always be easy to pull off!


Your full abilities are unlocked almost from the start, the only defining factor is your own skill.


Take the role of Demi, a wounded war veteran who wakes up in a strange new world above the clouds. Explore the world and try to overcome it’s obstacles, as she rediscovers herself and tries to come to terms with the situation, and her future.


Includes over 40 levels is various difficulties and numerous themes. Now all 34 core levels have been revised for 2020, offering a smoother, more balanced experience. Also includes the original 2014 versions of all levels, and now with the full Defiance DLC—Free of charge!


Over 45 available skins and costumes. All unlockable in game by completing a large variety of extra challenges.


Test your abilities, earn ranks and compete on the global leaderboards in multiple different game modes.


Steam workshop support. Download and play dozens of community created levels, or build your own levels and share them with others.

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