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Dungeon Scavenger – Steam CD Key


Dungeon Scavenger is a unique turn-based old school dungeon crawler that sets you on a challenging path of exploration. Select a hero to keep the threat of the dungeon and demon realms away from the town’s people with an innovative combat system. Can you save the town from the danger below?

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Turn-Based Dungeon Crawler Game: Old-school treasure hunting in a randomized dungeon. Take your time to make critical decisions and explore the depths.

Turn Based Combat: Easy interface to decide your next action and avoid lengthy battles. Perform tactical decisions without rushing to smash keys.

Combat Choices:No mana to cast spells. The choice of using melee vs spell is all about the encounter and the current build. All classes can cast and enhance themselves.

Get a Pet to help you:All classes can charm dungeon monsters to help in combat.

  • 12 unique classes (With unique perks in expansion).
  • 8 spell elements each with unique status effect.
  • Resource-less spell system.
  • 40+ status effects to add complexity to combat.
  • 160+ combat monsters (350+ with expansion).
  • Charm and use your enemies. Keep a dragon or a bunny as your terrorizing pet.
  • 1000+ unique gear to equip, enchanted with 8 elemental types (71,577 unique equipment to find in the expansion).
  • Procedural random generated levels.
  • Touch and joystick friendly.
  • Color Blind Friendly settings.