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Lacuna Passage – Steam CD Key


Explore the vast terrains of Mars, generated from real NASA satellite data, and survive threats like dust storms by discovering randomized supply caches and habitats. Adventure on foot or in driveable rovers with this otherworldly first-person sandbox.

Lacuna Passage – Steam CD Key


About Lacuna Passage



“A gorgeous game of mystery and survival” – Kotaku

“I’ll happily play” – Rock Paper Shotgun


“A massive, convincing game world” – Red Bull

“A very realistic portrayal of what life is like on the Red Planet” – GameSkinny

“The game has captured the imagination of many space and science fiction fans” – Mashable

“There is plenty to enjoy about Lacuna Passage” – GAMR

“Pretty damn neat” – Select Button

“The landscapes are magnificent” – Game-Guide

“The game’s music is completely off the hook” – Cinema Blend

“They’ve captured the vibe of Mars very well” – Tech Raptor


About the Game

You wake in an landing pod, check your equipment, and venture out onto the red Martian soil in search of a nearby habitat. With 25 square miles of the Red Planet to explore and survive, you must gather resources from randomized points-of-interest, supply caches, and other habitats in order to continue your mission. But survival is more than just tracking status bars. Maintaining your life-support equipment is just as important as maintaining your health.

Explore a massive terrain generated from actual Mars satellite imagery. With features generated from scans collected by the HiRISE project and details painstakingly designed to reflect the photography captured by planetary rovers, this is as close as you can get to visiting the true Red Planet.

Survive the harsh Martian environment with mechanics based on real health metrics like blood glucose levels, heart rate, caloric intake, and more. You will feel like a true interplanetary pioneer as you conquer the elements and survive randomized threats like dust storms.

Capture the beauty of Mars with an in-game photography mechanic that allows you to document your discoveries. Photos are saved to your computer at full 1920×1080 resolution and can be referenced in-game where you can set objective points to navigate back to where the photos were taken.

Interact with the various astronaut technologies through your dependable datapad. You will need to manage inventories, salvage and craft supplies, and repair vital life support systems in order to survive the desolate landscapes of Mars. Find and drive rovers to help manage multiple habitats.

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