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McDROID – Steam CD Key


Farm, Build, Defend! Challenge your reflexes and wits as you help your adorable farming robot survive, then thrive, in the Galaxy’s most unique Arcade-Tower-Defense-Farming game.

McDROID – Steam CD Key



I worked for 1.5 year optimizing McDROID, a game that will bring your PC to its knees, to fit the Switch itty bitty hardware and it’s even smoother than on PC!!!


About the Game

“This game is love. It’s a nice mix of arcade game & tower defense which I’ve never seen before.” -lin
“it’s really really fun” -Jesse Cox
“Juicy Delicious Strawberries” -etalyx
“I can’t stop playing :)” -Bar.pys
“An awesome little pearl” -Kodijack
“Simply delightful” -Al
“And it has strawberry-DRM!” -RadioRhino

An original blend of Farming, Arcade and Tower Defense that will challenge your itchy trigger finger as well as make you want to pet those Furry Worms and drink Strawberry Juice.

Upgrade your little farming robot into a BATTLE STATION, herd a flock of doggy bots, listen to giant lasers talking back at you, plant many many trees to cover the land with boosting bliss and collect outfits for your robot!

McDROID is the a fusion Arcade/RTS, the love-child of RTYPE and Dune 2. You take direct control of the modular robot McDROID and protect your shuttle and your crop against various types of mutants and mutations. You can either fight head-on by carrying a weapon or you can deploy weapons and let them do the work, you can even deploy experimentals. The creatures either attack you directly or corrupt the ground, some even mutate your crops against you. It’s fast-paced, it’s full of surprises, it takes brains and it’s a bit crazy, it’s sci-fi like you have never played.

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