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STUMPER – Steam CD Key


STUMPER presents a new paradigm for experiencing music in VR.Pick up your shields and crash crystals flying through the air to the rhythm.

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STUMPER is a VR rhythm action game that puts you right into the visual music world. While feeling the beat through the body, players crash fast flying crystals with the aid of two steel shields. Players also go head to head with their friends and other players on Global Leaderboard on a real time basis, as STUMPER is the first VR rhythm game with battle support. The regular free and paid music packs will constantly engage players with more fun and excitement. It all starts with STUMPER. Get ready to battle the beats

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  1. Diverse Music Genres (EDM, Hip-hop, Jazz, Pop etc.): Find your favorite song and explore new genres.
  2. Battle Mode with a Real-Time Ranking System: Grab the chance to compare your skills against other players.
  3. Immersive Music Experience: Following the crystals will make you dance and make your heart beat hard.
  4. Character Customization: Choose your own helmet & shield style and start a new adventure.
  5. Game Accessibility: You can learn STUMPER within minutes, while it takes time to be a true master.

A New World Is Waiting For You Inside STUMPER.
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