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Arizona Derby – Steam CD Key

Original price was: 15,99€.Current price is: 3,19€.

Hit the pedal, run out the offroad.

Arizona Derby – Steam CD Key

Original price was: 15,99€.Current price is: 3,19€.

About Arizona Derby




About the Game

You got bored of the dozens of racing reskins through the decade? Do you want something new, fresh, with tons of supreme action?
Stay tuned, since you’re at the right place. You probably ain’t heard for the ‘Arizona Derby’ ever, since we had zero marketing, but steady and slowly we’re growing up, having tens of thousands of race-winning submissions on the over 30 leaderboards and plenty of rawest off-road actions ever.

Welcome to the Arizona Derby ‘Offroad Wars’. It’s home to the most insane off-road racings and the ultimate competition that brings together the world’s best racers, pimping up their expensive supercars, storming them of the most exotic off-road tracks, all over the world.

These guys with ease turn their million-dollar machines into off-road rigs, crash them over hills like they’re nothing…This is Arizona Derby’s lifestyle. It’s all about insane racings at crazy off-roads around the globe and you’re invited to do so.

You will be given the first car and yours is to show skills, pack fame and earn more; one by one, to take it to the top. You will have to beat the world’s best off-road gangs and their bosses at the harshest track conditions. When you beat all gang members, you’ll compete with their bosses. Each boss has its weak side and you need to find it and utilize it in order to leave them in dust and dirt and take a win.

On the way to stay competitive, you will upgrade, customize, tune and buy new rides from over 87 supercars, check around the garage, and do your best preparation, proving to the world who’s the real off-road boss.

Here you can choose to tweak the car, putting different parts and colors to make it insane, a unique rig that you will be proud of; also tuning, upgrading, buying new cars, and selling the old one for okay money. Also, you may want to put your car to offroad test before you get to the world or you can do the AquaMarine water offroad test that we brought to you to see how your car behaves under the most complex conditions.

Arizona Derby inviting you to unlock and play at 30 most intense tracks, at 6 world’s best locations for an extreme offroad drive. Yes, you hear extreme, and it’s nothing but action-packed mud going through down big wheels, while you evading, crashing, and handling thousands of horsepower machines all across the hills, pumping nitro, overtaking other gang members, preparing for final races with the level Bosses. Each race has its own unique setups and needs you to learn and ride in order to become’s Arizona Derby Champion.

Gang members will try everything to defeat you or to block you from heading away, and you need to prevent it, to drive, to pump your steering wheel to show your skills on these roads completely.

You will play against the crazy Cholo in Tropical Storm, wild B.B. Jay in the Redwood Rash, snowy Marushka in Syberia Run, cute Ally Mc Key from Forest Ride, superhot Trinity from Canada Trophy, and nice Maryam from Dubai Drive.
You will have to conquer all these crews: The Brass Badgers, Copper Snakes, Electric Aliens, Invisibles, Wildlings and Coyote Syndicate.

“After you beat them all, you will get to my crew ‘The Immortals…. we’re the best! & our cars are pimped to the max! There is no rig under 1500horse power. If you compete and overtake my guys, you will race with me, I’m the current Arizona Derby World Champion and I’m proud on it”

Here you can choose the perfect color for your ride from a very special set of the colors we bring to you; you can customize plates – yes, you can put your name or your pet’s name if you like it; you can change wheels and put new, perfect shiny rims on it and Arizona Derby offers you wide selections.

You have plenty of cutting-edge spoilers to show’s who’s the boss, also underbody LEDs, to glow it all night long, so you’ll never forget where is your road home after the race is over!

In order to stay competitive for the off-road drive, you need to pimp your car and set it to the max. You need to experiment with spring and damping stiffness, front and rear heights of your ride as well brake force to find out what’s fits your driving style. Here you can track it all in real-time. This is your garage, it’s little dirt but enjoy it. Rigs are worthy.

Over time, when you earn more, you may need to improve engine power, nitro capacity, aerodynamics, or nitro power. All these things can be done here at upgrades, it’s easy just one click and you’re done.

At hero selection stand, you can choose ADriver that fits your driving style best; it will represent you all over races. However, you may have few drivers to race for you, here you can select them and upgrade their abilities. Each of them has a unique set of skills that will help you in the most insane off-road racings ever.

You have the ability to exit the car (RB) with your chosen ADriver and to loot AirDrops and supplies, that are dropped by jet fighters around the track.

While ADriver is out of the car, time is slow to some extent to the other cars, so you can still get back and be close to the car to be able to enter (RB button again) and get back to compete. ADriver is a risky feature, however, if you’re skilled it can bring you many loots, needed XP, AD$ to obtain more features, customizations, cars, and other assets.

Also, your car is equipped with a few ADrones, for evading harsh situations or to circumvent above other cars, when they obstruct your way. Since you need to continue to compete, and there is no time to lose, and you can simply get into drone mode (LB button, if you still have it) and continue toward the next checkpoint and respawn the car bellow safe position (LB again). However, both the number of ADrivers out of the car and ADrones are limited, also time outside is ticking, so you need to utilize skills, find, loot and get back close to the car to be able to enter before time expires, or your car will be respawned to the previous checkpoint and you will stay out of the loot.

During competition and winning the top 3 positions, you will be rewarded with XP and AD$, monetary units, so you can upgrade your cars, buy more customizations and rigs. The amount of rewarded XP/AD$ is connected to skills you achieve in the race, and there are many in-game-scores that you can achieve a higher score, like In-Air Time, Car-to-Car Crash, Maximum Speeding Time, Looting, and many other ways. Also if you set AI to the lowest levels you will be rewarded much less score in comparison if you set to the ‘insane’ level which can bring you 4x more score. If you don’t win (reaching any of the top 3 places) you will don’t get any loot that you pick up and any score will not be counted to your total score.

There is plenty of heroes and future customization of them. ‘Yeah, this is Arizona Derby, it’s a lifestyle’.

This is all about the Arizona Derby festival, join the seamless experience, celebration, and fun at the world’s most exotic locations with wide varieties of exclusive supercars rigged for the off-road. Here you can check the latest news from social spaces and stay updated with events, track your progress and the progress of your friends.

Here you can buy packs to upgrade your cars and to tune it to the perfection that you like; you can unlock things that you like or pimp spoiler with triple edges or put that gold rims that will fit your style. In all that we created these packages that will help you achieve this.

Hit the pedal, heat out the off-roads. You’ll need to show that baby to the world. As soon as you launch your hyped off-road rig, you can do crazy stunts all over. Once you select your ride, pimp it to the max., and all you need is to compete more and harder every time.
You will have to beat the gang members at one level until you reach enough experience to unlock and race against the boss at that level. Feel free every time to explore and change the part of the world where you competing and to try out new, exciting tracks, and to play against other gangs. One by one, you can become Arizona Derby World Champion.

‘Arizona Derby’ has built-in advanced photo-filtrating features, so you can pause some intense action, and create stunning screenshots from a variety of angles and over 50 built-in photo features and options to create and share unforgettable actions.

“Wishing you luck to come to me and can’t wait to beat you in a 1-on-1 race, since I’m unbeatable… Learn and ride, kid!”

‘What, you still here? I thought you offroad! Pack your things and do your homework, dude. Imma go off.’- TxMic, The Immortal’s gang

“Arizona Derby” is an action-packed off-road racer with highly realistic physic simulations, challenging AI’s of the opponents, that continuously learning and trying to sabotage you with skillful ways, and the game is always exciting. It featuring high-end degree quality of the graphics, and gameplay features are carefully crafted based on three decades of the racing game experience. Also, “Arizona Derby” is specific since it has realistic off-road terrains, not flatten like in most of the other racing games, so you need to make good decisions, to choose the right ways, to brake on time, and to evade some parts of the roads, to jump at a right angle and to participate incoming off-road paths, with more realism and real off-road experience than other games, but require more skills, it’s not almost driving and steering experience, but require training, skills, and devotion at all levels. Mastering different levels, weather conditions and all different off-roads, you will become skilled and able to compete at the higher AI settings and at night races.

One of the unique features is that ‘Arizona Derby’ has custom created soundtrack, inspired by insane racing styles, created by Houstoun Texas rap musician TxMic, which you can buy as DLC. And for those who prefer other genres, there are 120 licensed upbeat racing tracks for all preferences, from rock, dance, electronic, classical songs to jazz, smooth jazz, instrumentals, etc.

The driving impression is authentic and realistic, at the same time arcade and simulation-like, physics is very complex, featuring tons of high-end algorithms that controlling interactive aspects of vehicles and they are carefully improved over years of research and extended design of “Arizona Derby” to make it utterly fun, and some aspects of the physics may see as arcade and it’s intended to be since the game is not a fully accurate off-road simulation, but having most of those aspects since it’s an arcade racer. Gameplayhighly recreating the spirit of the real off-road racing experience with that glimpse of arcade racing, to make it more fan and enable players to do more exciting stunts. Ai opponents are ultimately smart, skilled for the off-roads drive, so you need to reach a unique set of skills needed for realistic off-road terrains. You need to take care of how fast and at which angle going over jumps and bumpy roads, sometimes shortcuts ain’t the best path to lead the race and you can rollover. Every track, from the current 31 tracks is specific and needs training, a strategy that works on one level is different on another, the same is with an approach to win. Training is most important and over time you can increase the difficulty and achieve more XP/AD$ rewards. You can play dirty and hit out racers aside, and score more as of that, but you will risk they hit you harder and even more intrusive.

Check why over 50 curators highly recommending ‘Arizona Derby’.

What are players saying?

“The terrain is one of my favorite parts of the game.
I grew up in an off-road family & drove my first dune buggy at 10 with just a 50cc engine in a small dunes track area learning the hard way about Speed vs traction, gravel patches, dips, holes, sand, etc. This game brought back those memories forcing me to think the same & now I am hooked on which other off-road games couldn’t deliver so Bravo Falcon Interactive.
I started playing under the Insane madness difficulty & I absolutely love the AI aggression level it really adds to the fun”.

“A must-have for anybody interested in motorsport. The game runs well even on my old budget pc. The game allows you to pick from a wide array of cars and tracks and gives you the option to change each car’s setup to your liking. Fantastic feeling game. With a good force feedback wheel, the cars feel great and with some adjustment, there is a lot of feedback through the wheel. 95/100”

“The graphics and stylized look are actually quite decent. The totally overblown design of the menus? Sure, why not… no issues with that – it’s an interesting style choice. 4×4 supercars… great. Cheesy-campish hoists and commentary… yes. This game seems to have sooooo much potential to actually be a cheesy, overblown, stylized, fun racing game… some potential to be an cult classic….”

Note: AMD setups may have optimizations issues as reported by the players with AMD rigs since Unreal Engine didn’t work as perfectly as on Intel/Nvidia setups.
Sorry for that, but it’s impossible to fix these engine issues, optimisations are well addressed through the last 2 years in over hundreds of patches: and achieved dramatic lowering in file sizes from 65GB to 26GB (the game has over 32 tracks, the story plays, almost 100 cars, tons of customizations..), then FPS was more than doubled in previous 2 years, RAM usage cut from 12-16GB to about 2-4GB.
It is all high-end content with realistic open worlds and ultimate car shaders and advanced ultra-realistic physics calculations on real off-road (not flatten, textured surfaces), it has even more content than some average AAA games, so please have in mind that graphics requirements are higher as of that.

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