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Blink Cam – Steam CD Key


Blink Cam is a role-playing game, you will be transformed into a data life, and access different timelines from the perspective of the camera to explore what happened of Blink Project

Blink Cam – Steam CD Key


The Blink Cam, as the name suggests, is indeed a camera simulator. You, as the main character of the game, you survive in the form of data, the so-called camera, you can be understood as a monitor. You have to visit different timelines, different regions, unlock different timeline recording points, and slowly understand what caused the Blink project to collapse, why did you lose your physical body and become a data life, and why do you need to access it? More timeline …

Each game update is an update of the timeline within the game. You will find that some maps will be different each time you update, so you need to take screenshots on each map to ensure that your timeline is perfectly recorded.

There will be a total of 30 maps in the game, and there are 3 map updates in each period. Go explore as much as you like, collide with the unknown, and learn about the life experience of the Blink Cam.

Image quality

The materials used by Blink Cam are all high-definition materials, so you can make the best pictures in any Blink world


If you think this is just a camera simulation game, you are wrong. In different maps, you will encounter many different objects. These objects will unlock different contents, some are notes, and some are objects. Even more amazing is that Blink Cam has a complete storyline, of course, you have to explore slowly.

Custom map

This mode allows you to create your favorite map and make your Blink world to show to your friends!

So, everyone, it’s time to Blink!