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Drosoph Hotel – Steam CD Key

Original price was: 15,99€.Current price is: 3,79€.

Drosoph Hotel is two games in one, Survival Horror and Strategy game! unique game where you can play from the point of view of a scared guest or a haunted hotel manager, with beautiful 2.5D graphics.

Drosoph Hotel – Steam CD Key

Original price was: 15,99€.Current price is: 3,79€.

About Drosoph Hotel

What Is Drosoph Hotel?

Drosoph Hotel is two games in one. It includes Survival Horror and Manager Simulator, which means that you can play as a guest or as a manager of this terrifying hotel.

The World Inside The Hotel

The story takes place in The Pines, a town that once was of heavenly beauty and great prosperity.

One day, unexpected events came to the habitants of The Pines. The most impactful were a series of intense and unexplainable fires. Due to the magnitude and the frequency of these fires The Pines became known as “Orange Pines”.
One of the fires burned The Pines Grand Hotel to the ground. According to the newspapers, the concierge, John Pinghundred was responsible for the fires. However, there were rumors that all these events were linked to the pagan god Anku.

Anku was both feared and worshiped by the citizens. His followers described him as the protector of the human race.

Survival Horror Mode
Horrors wait inside The Pines Grand Hotel, no one is exempt to be trapped inside, neither our characters, attracted to the hotel like fruit flies are attracted to sundews.
Chris Dorsett, Lizzy Mander and John Vendel will be controlled by you, each one in their own path. Help them to survive long enough to find out the mysteries of this hotel.

Key Features

  • Chris: is not a fighter – you will have to be sneaky if you want to survive.
  • Lizzy: can see things no one else can see – ethereal things.
  • John: is a soldier who is trying to rescue as many people as possible from the horrors of this hotel.

Manager Simulator
You will take full control of The Hotel. Build rooms, scare guests, summon ghosts, create monsters and fight against 7 different heroes.
Every full moon, the heroes will visit your hotel looking to erase your ghosts and monsters. As the manager, you can control the monsters to blow away the heroes.
Watch out from John Pinghundred, since cannot scare him or hurt him in any ways; he has the unstoppable task to clean the rooms and unarm the traps, making the rooms less scary to the guests.

Key Features

  • You can build up to 22 different rooms – all of them with surprising traps that defy logic.
  • Turn off lights, move objects, close the door and many other ways to scare your guests.
  • Collect all the kind of ghosts.
  • Create and take control of 9 different monsters – each one with their own type of power and combat styles.
  • Play in Survival and Endless time.
  • Remodel your rooms with 3 levels of creepiness.
  • Make your own zombie army

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