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E06-Anomaly – Steam CD Key


Discover together with Expedition Unit 06 new worlds. Solve the mystries of ancient civilizations and fight with his energy bow for survival.

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About E06-Anomaly

In the distant future, E06 is activated on a journey between worlds due to an unknown anomaly. His protocol tells him to get to the bottom of this, but nothing is as it seems …

Discover together with Expedition Unit 06 new worlds, challenging locations and fantastic beings.

Well equipped, E06 conquers everything that gets in his way with his energy bow. Whether energy or fire arrows for enemies or teleportation arrows for obstacles, the bow provides sufficient modules. Even the highest hurdle or the deepest fall, sturdily built, E06 is armed for the mission.

Can you guide E06 through deadly graves of past civilizations? Are you going to solve the riddles of old ruines? Are you ready to face the most dangerous inhabitants of these worlds?



  • Puzzlegame
  • Experience the dark fate of the planet Fx 360 and explore its different and exciting worlds.
  • Conquer stubborn enemies and assert yourself against powerful monsters, so as not to succumb to the fate of the planet.
  • Solve tricky puzzles and master difficult jumps.
  • Use your arrows and their features well thought out to clear your way both in puzzles and in opponents.
  • Use them wisely, because they are ammunition and life energy at the same time.