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Farming Simulator 22 – Steam CD Key


Farming Simulator 22 for PC is, as might be guessed from the name, a farming simulation game in a series that comprises about fourteen editions, spread over both PC and mobile. The player – that’s you – is a farmer, and your goal is maintaining and growing the farm to make it into a success.

Farming Simulator 22 – Steam CD Key


About Farming Simulator 22 – CD Key

In Farming Simulator 22 you can play career mode or multiplayer.

In career mode, your first task is always to update the out-dated equipment on the farm, replacing it with newer and better models, as well as expanding the farm. Just as in real life, neglecting any aspect of your farm fares badly for your end results.

As the farmer, you aim to grow crops and breed animals which are then sold for cash. The cash is then used to buy new machines, more animals, fresh seed and expanded buildings. As well as these permanent tasks, there are periodic missions to complete too, which earns a nice cash injection for the farmer.

These side missions include mowing, or delivering cargo. These tasks are time-limited and as well as the cash payment, the farmer can earn a nice bonus for completing the task especially quickly, showing that it pays to be quick and efficient at your tasks. And you have more time in which you can earn even more cash!

Multiplayer, which was introduced in Farming Simulator 2011, is back again and sees the player working for other in-game farmers, performing various tasks like those performed by your AI helpers – without the inconvenience of them getting trapped by an errant tree trunk or fence (which should be a thing of the past, according to the devs!).

What’s New

As with each other new release, the map has expanded, including various new areas in which to farm, new crops to grow and new animals to take care of. This game features two large new map areas to explore and expand your farm into.

As usual too, the game has new vehicles to try out, and continues previously introduced niche aspects of farming, such as forestry. There are also some tricks to try out that boost crop yields such as laying down extra fertiliser, ploughing after a set number of plantings to boost or maintain the fertility of the fields, and using plants like oilseed radishes as protective cover-crops.

Look out for drivable trains, washable cars, and be sure to listen to the in-game radio. As well as the two new maps to explore and cultivate, make sure you pay attention to the weather and the changing seasons as these have an impact on your crop growth.

Choose from over 400 machines from 100 different farming brand names – and don’t worry if this sounds intimidating to newcomers, there are plenty of helpful tips and guides for newcomers to the farming world.

Expect to see improvements to AI helpers who, in the last games, tended to get stuck if something blocked their path – nothing like setting your workers to work and coming back later to find them only yards away, trying to walk through a tree! This glitch is, fortunately, mainly a thing of the past. The sound effects in the game are dramatically better too, which adds realism and fun, despite seemingly being a minor detail.

What’s Growing This Year?

Crops that can be grown include:

  • Canola – also known as rapeseed, this plant is a cheerful yellow and produces useful cooking oil
  • Sugarcane – along with sugar beets, sugarcane is one of our main sources of sugar
  • Oats – delicious for humans and racehorses alike, oats are a healthy source of protein
  • Cotton – small white puffs of cotton are spun into cloth fabric, thread and more
  • Corn – chicken feed, popcorn and corn on the cob makes corn a versatile and tasty meal for humans and animals alike
  • Barley – cereal or beer? You decide who you will be selling your crop to!
  • Soybeans – a good source of protein for vegans and vegetarians, soya is one of the most versatile and nourishing foods out there if properly processed
  • Sunflowers – bright, cheerful and favourite of artists everywhere, sunflower seeds are tasty and nourishing, excellent for birds, livestock and people too
  • Horses – racehorses or farm animals, horses can be a great source of income
  • Cattle – dairy and meat – plus calves are super cute!
  • Chicken – each chicken can lay multiple eggs each week
  • Sheep – woolly jumpers and wiggly-tailed lambs for all
  • Pigs – a small patch of mud, plenty to eat and the occasional back-scratch and your pigs will be happy as can be

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