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Lost Shipwreck – Steam CD Key


You wrecked on a deserted island, alone and desperate to survive, you will have to get food, water and build your shelter. Explore the island, its surroundings, protect yourself from wild animals, make weapons, build your home and stay alive in the nature.

Lost Shipwreck – Steam CD Key


About Lost Shipwreck


You were a fisherman that shipwrecked on a desert island after a storm.As the last survivor of the tripulation , alone and desperate to survive, you will have to get food, water and get shelter.
Explore the islands, protect animals, fight with the weather, dive in the ocean for find treasures, build your base and become in a whole survivor.

Find a good place to build your shelter with sticks and branches, beware from the dangerous animals of the island, take coconuts from the palms for drink and hunt some animals for eat, or look for some fruits if you dont like hunt animals.
Swim in the ocean and see the beautiful underwater ecosystem, beware of snakes bites and also the attack from the wolfs.

Play in four diferent islands, desert, dry forest, rainforest and redwood forest. Each island has it own biome, vegetation and wild life, depends of the island the wether can be more rainy or dry. Also each island can have some unique resources and diferent fruits.So it could be more difficult or easy depends of the island, in some you will need more water in other more food or even more resources.

Enjoy seeing the beautiful mornings or exploring in the day or resting on the beach while seeing the sunset, or even trying to find shelter on a stormy day.
You will need to protect from the scorching rays of the sun in sunny days to avoid insolation problems and also you will need to find a heaty place to stand in cold nights or mornings for avoid to get sicked.

Discover each of the +100 animal species, river and ocean fishes, lizards and snakes, shy animals that you will see in the arounds of the forests, jungle or fields, birds flying at the top of the sky or near the beach, and also insects prowling on the ground.

You will need to eat if you want to survive in your stay on the island, and sometimes a good food for a survivor are meat, so you will need to hunt some animals. You will able to do that by crafting weapons like lances or bows and arrows, and if you dont wanna be pursuiting a rabbit the whole day trying to hunt it , you also can build some animal traps.

Build shelters for protect against weather, walls for protection against fierce animals, houses for life in there , and a lot of other things with the building system that allows you to build modular structures and items constructions.

Surviving in an island could appears difficult when you are starting, you will need to manage your basic necessities, eat, drink and sleep. Every day in the island you will need to find food, water and a good place to sleep if you dont want to die. Also you will need to protect from dangerous animals and avoid not secure places.

In this game you can create your own constructions, from a stick man to a very complex houses made with sticks, the only limit is your imagination. With the creative construction mode, you will able to make any thing by adding any resources that you wants like rocks, planks, palm leaves, leaves, bamboo, trunks, etc.

Share your custom constructions with other players and download others useful players constructions for use them in your stay on the island.




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