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New Ice York – Steam CD Key


Who froze the city of NEW ICE YORK? Who did this? That’s up to you to find out, Detective…

New Ice York – Steam CD Key


About New Ice York

If you are wanting to get this game, I recommend getting dweeMIXED: Thwee Pack instead.
It is a game pack which includes this game, along with Ticket and Mealmates.
The games are improved, all run in 60fps/1080p, and it’s 40% cheaper than buying the original versions separately.

“The city of NEW ICE YORK completely froze over, while you were asleep

I want you, YES YOU, we want you to go find out who did this, why, and eliminate them no questions asked.

You are our TOP AGENT.

We’re counting on you, to fix this city!!!!!!

…and remember… no questions asked.”

Test your detective skills in the most magnificent multimedia experience of 2018 – NEW ICE YORK, by magicdweedoo. Someone has frozen the city, and it’s up to you to explore and interrogate your way to the answer.

If you like to do anything from the list below, you will love NEW ICE YORK.

– Talking to people
– Exploring the city
– Reading fun, WHACKY dialogues!!!
– Looking at a cyan screen for 3 hours straight
– Bare knuckle boxing
– Jumping in tunnels
– Maths and logic puzzles
– Playing table tennis or pool
– Doing illegal hallucinogens
– Using a mobile phone
– Listening to a good ass soundtrack by magicdweedoo
– Having a hell of a good time

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