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Scarlet Nexus – Steam CD Key


Scarlet Nexus for PC is an action role playing game from a third-person perspective, with the player being given a choice of two characters to play as. It is a survival game with a difference as the combat is enhanced by the psi powers of your character and their companions, all of whom have a slightly different speciality, set in the future of an alternate reality in which humans use natural brain chemicals to create technology and form societies.

Scarlet Nexus – Steam CD Key


About the Game

The game is set in a futuristic Japan with a lot of western sci-fi elements infused into the design. You take on the persona of either Yuito Sumeragi (the only character available on the preview) or Kasane Randall who are both members of the Other Suppression Force. Yuito Sumeragi is male, Kasane Randall is female.

The OSF is a paramilitary force whose purpose is to defend the futuristic city of New Himuka. The OSF hires people with such special powers to protect people from the Others who are mindless monsters from the Extinction Belt.

Others are tough, resistant to conventional attacks and half-maddened by the pain of their mutations, able to absorb energy through their skin and channel it back as a weapon, so you must use all your wits to defeat one. They are a mixture of living creatures and metallic structures, ferocious and bestial – rather like horses and elephants fused with metal cages and equipment – and very, very angry about it all.

The OSF is all that stands between regular humans and the Others’ ire, and it specialises in training people with special psi powers – called psionics – to anticipate and thwart Other attacks before they can get a grip on the world. Psionics are created when certain substances are naturally formed within the brain, imparting special psi abilities.

Your character is no different. You have powers of psychokinesis which allows you to throw objects like debris at your enemies as well as using more traditional combat methods like swords.

A Little Backstory

Scarlet Nexus means red connection or red bond and this is something of a clue for players – pay attention to themes of red and make sure you follow them up to enjoy the full flavour of the game.

Like traditional Zombies, Others want to eat people’s brains, but humanity has already developed ways to predict their invasions, so you and your comrades at arms can be ready, armed and waiting when necessary, along with the other OSF units.

Yuito is still in the midst of training with the OSF when the Others attack. His past reveals that he joined up after being rescued by the OSF when he was just a young child. Your kinetic powers are time-limited so you can’t just stay at a distance all the time, tempting though it might be.
Needing to mix up your mind powers with up close melee battles is a good way to keep your engagement with the game.

And mixing your mind power with combat is not the only trick you have: you and your team-mates are able to combine your powers during battles, using the ‘brain link’ feature. You can improve your ESP powers by accessing the brain map, which is the game’s equivalent of a skill tree.

Hanabi, one of the OSF compatriots is the only pyrokinetic character and linking with him adds fiery sparkle to all your moves! If you are focusing on solo combat, you can leave your team-mates to ‘battle at will’ taking out enemies and covering your back autonomously.

What To Do

During the game, your characters have a fair amount of open world to explore and you can do any or all of the following, depending on your mood at the time:

  • Explore the city and find out what a futuristic Japanese-western sci-fi city looks like exactly!
  • Learn to control your powers. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, and the more mind power you have, the better you will be in battle
  • Team up with other OSF members and practice your merged skills to see the fascinating and powerful combos that you can create together
  • Defeat the Others – obviously! The whole point of the game is to save the world from the Others so make sure you are sharp and in good company when the invasion happens!