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Terrorarium – Steam CD Key


Terrorarium is a 3D puzzle platformer about wanton destruction & adorable gore across a galaxy of community-designed murder gardens. Conquer dangerous alien worlds as a feisty granny with a chip on her shoulder and an army of cute but expendable walking mushrooms.

Terrorarium – Steam CD Key


About Terrorarium


We took all your feedback over the past year and redesigned SO much of the game – we call it our BLOOD OCEAN update and it’s finally the way we always wanted to play.

Here’s our top 10 list of updates:
1. Respawn at Checkpoints! No more frustrations mid-level! We even place a little ghost granny in every spot you’ve died before so you can remember those difficult moments.
2. A proper campaign with over 50 levels across multiple planets
3. PERSISTENT GORE – it’s everywhere now and accumulates each replay
4. Gooey Moogu do so much more now! Stick monsters in place and build fuses
5. Maker Mode works so much better now with height adjustments to make more complex levels. Assigning paths to creatures is much smoother too.
6. Fixed so many mechanics – Beckon plants aren’t annoying now and monsters have clearer hitboxes. There’s even a poison cloud and tornado now!
7. Every level starts with a flyby animation that lets you see what you’re about to conquer.
8. 100+ new assets in Maker Mode – we found them between the couch cushions and figured why not?
9. New and improved animated cutscenes – honestly we’re just better at 3D now.
10. You actually have to confirm before we delete your Maker level. This was a stupid one that’s totally on us. RIP all those accidentally deleted levels.

Explore surreal alien worlds, protect your beloved Moogu spawn, and hurl them at enemies to their murderous – and hilarious – deaths.

🍄 Survive a gauntlet of 50+ level campaign
🍄 Shepherd expendable Moogu and hurl them at enemies to solve puzzles
🍄 Craft your own levels in Maker Mode with over 200 3D obstacles
🍄 Share your creations in-game via Steam Workshop
🍄 Play and rate community-made murder gardens

Terrorarium is an action-packed puzzle platformer about setting out to win the annual murder garden competition hosted by the Intergalactic Horrorcultural Society. Play as The Gardener, the beloved and perpetual-runner-up space granny, as she flaunts the rules with her genetically-engineered ambulatory mushrooms aka Moogu in tow.

Then, head on over to Maker Mode to create, build, and play community-made murder gardens supported by Steam Workshop.

Do what you must to win the blue ribbon and onward to victory!!

* Terrorarium is made with the generous support of the Canada Media Fund, Ontario Creates and the Games Institute.
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