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The Forgotten Void – Steam CD Key


A journey of the mind with puzzles and turn based combat.

The Forgotten Void – Steam CD Key


About The Forgotten Void

About The Game
The Forgotten Void is a single-player RPG, where you must solve puzzles and engage in turn-based combat, to save a corrupting world. Every move in the combat system matters and will be a challenge if you don’t think about it…


  • turn-based combat
  • 30+ puzzles
  • 3 bosses
  • 50+ items
  • 15+ quests
  • randomly generated dungeons
  • hidden items
  • cinematic cut-scene

Since the beginning of time there have existed two realms: The Celestial World and The Null World. Humans inhabited The Celestial World, while Null Entities, dark, corrupted creatures roamed the Null World. A master portal, known as the Gateway, linked these worlds together and bridged to what was known as the void or the heart of the universe.

Two humans were chosen to be Celestial Guardians, to bring balance between these worlds.

As time passed on, The Null World began to expand and corrupt The Celestial World. This caused a shift in the balance triggering the Great War. The Guardians began locking the Null World away with tech they had just created. However, during this cataclysm, the void consumed one of the Guardians into the darkness.

In present time, our Guardian wakes up in The Celestial World with no recollection of their memories or what their purpose was. Our journey begins here.

Though we do support keyboard play we recommended using a controller for the best experience.

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