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Zero G Arena – Steam CD Key


Zero G Arena is an arena shooter with zero gravity, ragdoll physics, grappling beams and magnet boots

Zero G Arena – Steam CD Key


About Zero G Arena

Please Note: The player-base of Zero G Arena is currently such that you are unlikely to find other players online by chance. If that is a deal-breaker for you then I cannot suggest you buy the game. Otherwise, Zero G Arena does feature bots, private servers and has an official discord which players can use to arrange matches. See below for a full list of features.

Zero G Arena is an arena shooter with zero gravity, ragdoll physics, grappling beams and magnet boots. It’s an intense combination!

The game is designed to work on multiple levels of play:

  • The novelty of the mechanics and the sheer fun of floating and swinging about the levels provides a fun experience at any level of play.
  • The outlandish hijinks that are enabled by the ragdoll physics, grapple beams and fast-paced action make the game hilarious fun to play casually with friends (or with friendly strangers on public servers…).
  • At it’s core, Zero G Arena is a balanced, competitive game with an extremely high skill-ceiling. Mastery of the movement mechanics is of more importance than aiming ability. You may also be surprised by it’s tactical depth (feel free to ask me on the forums for more about this).


You can toggle your boot magnets freely to switch between running on magnetic surfaces or floating with zero gravity ragdoll physics.

You also have a grappling beam, which can be used to pull yourself around and swing about while floating.
As well as these technological locomotive methods, you also have a powerful set of core movement abilities:

  • A set of basic jumps, which can be controlled intuitively using the spacebar and movement keys.
  • A wall-jump, which can be used while floating to bounce from wall to wall.
  • A crouch ability, which can be used to do a crouching slide on magnetic surfaces to dodge enemy fire.

Zero G Arena features a set of 5 futuristic firearms. All players start with the same default weapon and can acquire other weapons from pickups in the map.

Zero G Arena also features a pickup that can turn your grapple-beam into a weapon that damages other players on intersection.

Use your speed as a weapon with the melee kick! It’s damage scales greatly with your speed relative to the target.

Game Modes
Zero G Arena features the classic Free-For-All, Team-Deathmatch and King-Of-The-Hill game modes, as well as these Zero-G originals:

  • ”Capture-The-Sphere”: Like the familiar Capture-The-Flag game mode, except the “flag” is a large, floating sphere. Players must use their grapple beams to pull the sphere to their goal, while fighting off the other team.
  • ”Spaceball”: A fast, team-based sporty game-mode similar to Soccer/Football. Players don’t have any weapons other than a non-lethal “Force Cannon”, which can be used to shoot the ball across the map.


  • Online multiplayer, with either dedicated or listen (player hosted) servers. Find other players on one of the dedicated servers, or host a private game for you and your friends.
  • Bots which are available for offline play, or on servers while you wait for other players.
  • No in-game monetary transactions.
  • A number of cosmetic options for your avatar, which are unlocked through Steam achievements.
  • Basic support for LAN matches.
  • Community-made maps (these are made outside of the game using UE4 {which is free to use}).
  • Original soundtrack.

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