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Biomutant – Steam CD Key


Biomutant for PC is an open world, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, action role-playing game in which there is a strong emphasis on martial arts. The combat scenes are a glorious mixture of martial arts, gun play and specific and specialised mutant ability. Player point of view is from the third person vantage point.

Biomutant – Steam CD Key


About Biomutant – CD Key

In Biomutant the world is under threat from a natural disaster which has caused poisonous oil to seep up from the ground, tainting the Tree of Life which has five roots. These roots provide life to the whole world, and the player’s job is to travel to the far end of each root where they will find a creature gnawing on the root. This, along with the deadly oil, is what is presenting such a big threat to the world.

There are six tribes in this dystopian world, and three of them have the same idea as the player: to stop the creature and the oil and heal the tree, while the other three tribes have their own, more selfish, plans about what to do next. The player can influence each tribe to a certain extent, using the Karma system.

The player can also ally themselves more definitively with one of the tribes, helping them to eliminate their rivals so their tribe’s power and prestige grows accordingly.

However, the player can successfully play through the game – and achieve his or her goals – without needing to murder any tribes in order to do so, so you can play according to your own morality system if you want to.

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Perhaps the most fun thing about this game is your playing character. You are not a buff fighting man, a slender sylph-like yet ferocious babe, nor a grey-haired mage oozing wisdom from every pore. Nope. You are a cat. And not just any cat, you are a sentient, intelligent, feisty, action-inclined cat that will kick some serious enemy booty when given half a chance!

Your first act when you begin the game is to carefully and very comprehensively customise your character. You can choose your gender, your length and overall size, the length of your fangs and your fur and a whole host of other attributes: all can be precisely designed to suit your own preferences. These choices will affect game play, so a heavier cat will not be able to move so fast – but they will be able to resist enemy actions more readily. Choose wisely!

Your character will readily pick up new abilities thanks to the mutations floating about. Sometimes simply being in the proximity of an area will be enough to give you new powers, so keep an ear on what the pleasant vaguely British accented narrator is saying to see if there is anything you need to know while travelling.

Fighting Skills

  • Weapons have ‘affixes’ which can be electric or cryogenic. Cryogenic attachments will, of course, freeze your enemies upon hitting them
  • Players can quickly switch between weapons during combat, so if you seem to be losing you can swap out your weapon for a more powerful, or even just a different one
  • Use level-up points to increase your powers and abilities and to unlock new attack combinations as well as for the usual purpose of levelling up your character
  • Robotic legs, wings and claws can all be attached to give your cat even more of a fighting chance
  • Try to interact with NPCs (non-playing characters) in every area: they will teach you new fighting moves as well as telling you the next part of the story arc so you can continue your mission

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