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Black Baron – Steam CD Key


Black Baron. Immerse in the wild atmosphere of flying pieces of shattered planet, where three civilizations are roaming the skies by flying boats: reptiles, easterners and rebellious toasters. Fight in the air and in the taverns. Breach enemy hull and make your revengeful way to Baron.

Black Baron – Steam CD Key


About Black Baron

The game is a simulator of flying boat commander. Crew micromanagement is a heart of this game.


Black Baron is a story about young captain who has lost his brother in the fight for a better life. To revenge, you have to follow the trails of the most dangerous pirate of flying islands — The Black Baron. Only one try, only one life. Can you fulfill your revenge?


It is necessary to manage the crew by distributing tasks inside the ship. Install powerful guns on your ship in order to destroy your enemies, or board their ships and fight them with the swords.
Complete quests for crew buffs and rewards.
Fight other ships to gain information about Black Baron. Find him and avenge your brother.

Only you will decide how to achieve victory.

    • []

Three types of ships

    • : small, medium and large.[]

Unlimited number of compartment

    • combinations: you never know which one you are shooting at. []

Different guns

    • with special effects: freezing, burning, etc.[]

Three clans

    • : allow you to gather a unique crew.[]

Interesting text quests

    • : test your deductive abilities and logic, or have a good reason to laugh.[]

Beautiful soundtrack

    : accompanies player’s adventures.