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Dumb As Wizards – Steam CD Key


Magical madness for 1-4 players on the couch and online. Whale on your frenemies with crazy spells in a shrinking arena and be the last dummy standing! Embrace the chaos in this fun-for-all wizard brawler. You’re a wizard, Dummy!

Dumb As Wizards – Steam CD Key


About Dumb As Wizards

Dumb as Wizards is couch chaos fun-for-all!
Control a wizard as you fling, whales, beach balls, chickens, fireballs and much more at your frenemies while the arena becomes smaller and smaller around you.

Whale on your friends in a crazy fast-paced free-for-all wizard brawl.

Push, Zap and Blast each other locally on the couch and online.

Dumb as Wizards is a hilariously crazy online and local multiplayer, arena brawler

Play as you please


  • Play with controller or Mouse/Keyboard, or mix and match to fill up your local games.
    Need more wizards to pummel? Take your game online, even with multiple local players.
  • Survive swarming waves of voidlings, either alone or co-op in Defend the Eye
    Bring your friends to aid in the battle, but remember, your spells don’t know friend from foe.
  • Feeling experimental? Try out new combos to beat the odds. In Roulette mode, you get assigned 4 random spell scrolls each round.
    The most unfair, unbalanced mode where you can just as well be blessed with the 4 most powerful spells as cursed with the 4 least impactful.
  • Tactically minded? Go for Wizard Rumble, where you spend dust to purchase the spell scroll you prefer.
    Only 8 random scroll are available each round, so you may not get your favorite spell every time.
    Earn dust in battle as you defeat other wizards and become the last dummy standing.
  • Less thinking more mayhem?! In Chaos mode every time you cast a spell you get a new random one.

Defend the Arena from the voidling onslaught in “Defend the Eye”, alone or with your friends.

Easy to learn, fun to master

Controlling a magical dummy is easy, but mastering the myriad of chaotic spells takes true wizdumb.

Freedumb to choose

Cheese it out with 4 of the same spell? Why not?
Slam all your spell in your friends face at the same time? Go for it!
Snipe out dummies with lightning bolts one minute and slam into them with shock waves and bumper cars the next?!

A wizard wears precisely what he means to!

Customize your magical dummy with fabulous hats, robes and beards.
the available hat designs are based on player suggestions, hop on over to the Random Dragon discord and suggest your own design to the devs.

Choose your mode, customize your wizard and buy your spells.

You’re a wizard, Dummy!

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