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Eagle Island Twist – Steam CD Key

Original price was: 10,79€.Current price is: 1,85€.

Soar into adventure & embark on two separate, action-packed adventures across Eagle Island! Join Quill & his loyal owl Koji in the challenging roguelite platformer Eagle Island, or play as Fia & her kookaburra companion Kusako to navigate diverse, handcrafted stages in Eagle Island Twist!

Eagle Island Twist – Steam CD Key

Original price was: 10,79€.Current price is: 1,85€.

About Eagle Island Twist


Soar Into Adventure!

Embark on two separate, action-packed journeys across Eagle Island! Join Quill, Fia, and their projectile bird companions Koji and Kusako to blast through baddies and navigate perilous platforming! Overcome challenging roguelite levels to help Quill and Koji rescue Ichiro in the classic Eagle Island, or navigate diverse, handcrafted stages as Fia and Kusako to restore the Manaroc Twist in Eagle Island Twist! Even better, both modes include a range of accessibility and gameplay options to tailor to your play style.

So grab your Falconry Glove and get ready to soar into adventure!

Eagle Island Twist

Blast through over 45 hand-crafted stages of single-player, pick-up-and-play action. Battle fauna and flora, master retro-style platforming, and defeat 12 huge bosses, all in crisp, pixelated detail.


Use Kusako as a projectile and defeat enemies to collect
coins, seeds, and manaroc

Fly through 45 handcrafted and retro-inspired stages

Traverse a 16-bit era world map and choose from casual to
more difficult routes. Revisit stages to discover hidden collectables
and secret areas

Gather green gems and trade for legendary feathers—like the golden
Lumara form, which casts Kusako off at the speed of light!

Eagle Island

One of the most anticipated roguelite games of 2019, the award-winning Eagle Island celebrates and innovates the platforming genre with 19 procedurally generated dungeons, falconry-inspired gameplay mechanics, and accessibility options. Choose between story or rogue mode, mixing and matching 85 abilities to diversify your game.


Explore lush forests, treacherous caverns, and uncover the ruins
of long lost civilizations on your way

Use falconry-inspired gameplay & explore procedurally-generated
worlds, set to a beautifully modernized pixel art aesthetic.

Enjoy short speed runs or choose a sprawling,
narrative-driven adventure.

High-flying adventure awaits you on Eagle Island!

(No birds were harmed in the making of this game.)

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