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EmergeNYC – Steam CD Key


EmergeNYC is a simulation of New York City’s Emergency Services. Drive over 30 different Emergency Vehicles with up to 32 of your friends through busy City Streets with blazing sirens and air horns. Take the role of a firefighter, medic, or police officer and ride with your friends to emergencies

EmergeNYC – Steam CD Key


About EmergeNYC

Major Additions

New Wildfire Vehicles, Aircraft, Characters, Equipment and Emergencies Added to Montgomery County

New Destructible Buildings that procedurally and dynamically fall apart or can be destroyed by the player

New Charring and Burning Shaders on Walls, Ceilings, pillars and above windows etc

Completely redone Water Stream Effects including puddles that build up on the ground and walls and dynamic splashing

All vehicle handlings and sounds completely rebuilt from the ground up to be able to handle the steepest roads in Montgomery County

New Engine Company 85 and Firehouse Added to Manhattan

A new Interactive Tutorial in the Fire Academy

Working Mirrors, Backup cameras, animated gauges in Fire Trucks

New AI System for vehicles allows you to have AI Drive, setup all hoses automatically, setup the ladder, spray the deck gun, and many more other options. (Still a WIP)

Over 40 new Emergencies across all maps

Added Live Radio that you will hear near vehicles and will be tuned into a different frequency depending on which map you are playing on (volume adjustable in settings menu)

Added Coughing, yelling and screaming sounds to advise you when you are taking damage from smoke and or fire (Putting on your mask or distancing yourself from the fire will stop this)

Added a Thermal Imaging Camera to see fire, windows, doorways, and victims through dense smoke

Added the Shovel tool which allows you to dig lines and remove flammable brush from the ground

Completely new interiors for all Hospitals, Montgomery County Fire Stations, and Brooklyn & Montgomery County Police Stations

New Emergency Lighting Effects

New Post processing graphics and lighting

Major Changes

Nozzles drop with hose when pressing E

Nozzles are deployed with hose from the hose bed

Completely Redone Fire System and Spread

New Fire, Smoke, Steam, Embers, Heatblur, & Ashes Effects also affected by random wind directions and speeds

All Fire Emergencies are now random meaning they will start in different places and at different intensities each play through or may be a false alarm

Completely redone all vehicle handlings

Completely redone all vehicle sounds (Sirens, Horns, Engine Sounds, Doors, and Compartments)

All Montgomery County Vehicles redone and given new Liveries & Unique Details

Massive Rework and Optimizations on Hose System (You can now left click and drag any part of the hose) to flake it out

Hoses now have weight, drag, and tension affecting the players movement if the hose is charged

EMS Mechanics and Systems reworked & improved and made more user friendly

Completely redone K12 and Chainsaw Sounds

Added a new over the shoulder camera when holding the Right mouse button in Third Person Camera

Added the ability to pick up items off the ground with hotkeys displayed on the toolbar

Revamped the cutting mechanics with the K12 and Chainsaw on Roofs and Gates to be able to trace cuts and poke them out with a pike or a hook

New Vehicles

Montgomery County

Cal-Fire UH-1H Inspired Firefighting helicopter

LA County Firehawk Inspired Firefighting helicopter

Skycrane Firefighting Helicopter

Cal Fire OV-10 Bronco Inspired Firefighting Plane

Fire Retardant Plane

Super Scooper

Hotshot Buggy

New Engine 1

New Ladder 1

New Engine 2

New Tanker


New Battalion 37

Engine 283

Engine 236

Engine 332

Engine 310

Ladder 175

Ladder 112

Tower Ladder 44

Squad 1


Readded Squad 28 new rig

New 2020 Engine 78

New 2020 Tower Ladder 57

New Engine Company 85

New 2020 Battalion 5


New and Updated Fortis Ambulance


New Dredge Crawler PD Car

New Ford Fusion style Unmarked police car replacing the Tahoe

Small Additions

Added a Stamina meter to your player which is depleted by running, jumping and using tools and can be replenished by drinking from the cooler on the fire trucks using the radial menu

Added a (Shift + R) option when in the drivers seat of any vehicle to respawn it back to its spawn point and reset all of its compartments, and tools

Added a camera option to drive the back of the tiller by hitting 7 when in first person view while in the truck. Mirrors were added as well as an animated steering wheel

Added World Trade Center memorial spotlights

Readded the Old World Trade Center

Fires now burnout over a long period of time if not put out

Added the ability to spray from a hose line directly connected to a hydrant

Added the ability to lay in

Spraying glass with a high pressure stream of water will break the glass

Added a radial menu option when holding a nozzle attached to a hose line to charge or shut down the line, this allows you to move around more freely when the line is shut down and recharge it when you’re in position

Added the ability to vault into or out of any window

Added Standpipes to all buildings that needed them that didnt have them

Multiplayer Additions

Ability to see which players are loaded and which are still loading by holding the (Tab) key after loading into the game and seeing the hourglass or checkmark next to each player’s name

All animations are now synced including use of all tools

Players can all spawn there rigs at the same time once all are loaded in, no need to spawn 1 by 1

and much more!

Bug Fixes

Fixed not being able to stretch anymore hose after returning to the main menu and loading up a map again

Fixed an issue where the radial menu would double click on its own sometimes

Improved the stability of the Tiller

Fixed Hazmat tent bouncing your character

Fixed relay lines not being able to be connected to Standpipes

Fixed the Hose pack carry animation
Nozzle are deployed with the hose when connecting a hose pack to a standpipe

Fixed all deck guns and Tower Ladders and the streams are redone and longer than before to allow you to reach fires further away

Added slanted colliders to many stairs across all maps to make climbing stairs smoother and easier

Fixed 227’s Firehouse TV

Removed the delay when entering a truck to being able to turn on/off the engine

Fixed Shelter roof pieces being skewed in Brooklyn

Pressing F2 while in a bucket or deck gun will now remove your control from them when your character is deleted

Fixed smoke from window call in Manhattan where flower pot was inside the mesh

Fixed Montgomery County Garage and Shed Fire not being extinguishable

Fixed missing, duplicate or misplaced mini map beacons on some emergency calls

Fixed MDT Tickets that were incorrect

All youtube videos can play on TVs now


Multiplayer Bug Fixes

Fixed Game Freezing if multiple players spawn in vehicles at once


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