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Evolvation – Steam CD Key


Evolvation is a casual multiplayer and fast-paced and class based space flying shooter developed by a two-man-army (Eric and Jacob) from Amsterdam. Classes are: Highspeed, Fighter, Stealth, Support and Tank. Each class has its own special ability which provides a dynamic gameplay.

Evolvation – Steam CD Key


About Evolvation

A Game developed by a Two-Man-Army

Created in Amsterdam by Eric Ruts and Jacob Kooijman. Evolvation is a class based and fast paced multiplayer arena space flying shooter.

Class based multiplayer action

With classes like Highspeed, Fighter, Tank, Stealth and Support.

Extensive upgrading system for customized spaceships

Thousands of possible combinations in the Hangar.

Instant multiplayer Action

An arena-like multiplayer space flying shooter which never stops to have action. It is a game which does not require extensive game hours in order to keep up with your friends. But still some amazing perks can be acquired by gaining experience points.

Perfect game to play with Friends

Host or join a game in a split of a second.

Join us at Discord

Join the community to play, help developing or whatever you would like to do. We are establishing a great community with people help translating, making 3D models, composite music

Play the game

We hope to see you in game. The game is still under heavy development but already fun to play. Feel free to let us know how we can improve the game or contribute via the Discord server.

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