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Golden8bits – Steam CD Key


Golden8bits is a minimalistic game and Fantasy console. The game includes the possibility of creating graphics, levels, animations and music like chiptune with our own tracker; all in the same environment. No programming knowledge is needed.

Golden8bits – Steam CD Key


About Golden8bits

Golden8bits is a minimalistic game and Fantasy console. Still in development and dont have any final release date yet.

Game State

The game is fully playable, you play as a magic apprentice. Jump and fight pixel monster as you run for all the platform.

Fantasy console

The game it self is just a example of wath you can create with this fantasy console.

All the features right now implemented are:

  • Create 8×8 pixel tiles.
  • Create 8×8 pixel items like weapons, shields, potions, coins, key, doors.
  • Create characters like player, npc and enemies.
  • Use the canvas editor to animate all your characters frame by frame.
  • Integrate all the element in a level editor.
  • Create and edit levels.
  • Create and edit dialogues for your npc.
  • Compose your own chiptune music.

Features that still missing

  • Buttons descriptions on the editor.
  • Balance of shield and weapons effect.
  • A nice transition between levels.
  • All game over modes.
  • Tiles with stairs behavior.
  • Tiles with bounce behavior.
  • Extra layer on level editor for background drawning.
  • More palette colors.


The software run just in windowed mode.


  • Move: wasd
  • Jump: k
  • action: j
  • defense: L
  • open item: i

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