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Last Rose – Steam CD Key


A weird plague sweeps the land, in the form of an endless rose garden. Two lost souls were chained together to fix everything. I hope they don’t mess it up again.

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About Last Rose

Last Rose is a turn-based RPG set in a weird yet cute world, filled with all sorts of cute yet weird beings. In the past few weeks the waters have turned sour, the forests are dying; all due to a plague sweeping the land, in the form of an endless rose garden.

Two lost souls were chained together and sent to find the reason behind this corruption (or blessing). On your way you’ll meet a group of very peculiar characters, strangely all connected to the plague and to each other.

It seems everyone really is chained up here, so to speak. Well, some more than others.

  • Fast one-on-one battles with party member rotations. Plan your strategy, keep note of the character states and use spells and weapons in key moments to outsmart your enemies.
  • Scaling encounters, choose the difficulty level per encounter
  • Explore at your own pace and engage in battles when you feel ready. Balanced grinding experience with the goal to avoid repetition.
  • Charming dialogue, have whimsical discussions with your party members
  • A different kind of fantasy story featuring amazon plant women, mole rat miners, elder olms of the deep, berry addicted cat people and talking liquid(s) beyond the void
  • Level up, unlock new and stronger spells, trade items and weapons, equip powerful artefacts to boost your base stats
  • As you progress, things will get a bit spooky and might spiral out of control

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