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Pirate Code – Steam CD Key


Battle pirates and win glory and treasure in this unique turn-based tactical strategy game. Manage your fleet, spending your gold carefully to build new ships and hire new crew. Enlist captains to train your crew and develop deeper tactics. The ocean is yours for the taking if you’re brave enough!

Pirate Code – Steam CD Key


About Pirate Code

Take command of your rag-tag fleet to defend your island from blood-thirsty pirates! Engage in deep tactical decisions, balancing attacks with repairs while keeping your morale high. If you survive, set sail for distant lands and search for the power you’ll need to face the coming darkness!

  • Deep, turn-based combat. Every battle, even a random encounter, will take some planning to win. Use a variety of moves to position, deal damage, heal, or intimidate your way to victory. You’ll have to out-smart enemies who always have you out-gunned!
  • Fully customizable fleet. Design your fleet from top to bottom with ships from four classes, each with strengths and weaknesses. Assign captains to ships to teach new actions. Decide on your fleet’s formation. Choose which upgrades will be active for each ship. Even pick the color of your flag!
  • A vast ocean. Liberate dozens of islands spread across a massive ocean, unlocking new opportunities to advance your fleet! Explore to find hidden treasure, monstrous creatures, bizarre items, and powerful new ships.
  • An engaging story. Enter a fantasy world of powerful merchants and distant governments: the perfect opportunity for a powerful new pirate organization to thrive. Take command of Rogue Swanson’s fate as she tries to stand against the pirate hordes. Be brave!

Join Rogue Swanson, daughter of a famous pirate captain, in her quest to take down the dreaded Pirate League! You’ll need to grow the strength of your fleet quickly if you hope to stay one step ahead of your enemies and uncover their dark plans. Many will join their ranks, claiming that you are pirates—that you should be stopped! But you know the truth. Follow your code to protect the weak and remain fearless as darkness falls over the sea. There will be no one else to stand against it.

Chose Your Tactics Wisely

Each fleet is made of ships from four classes, each with unique abilities. Some ships can withstand any attack, some move quickly, and some have great range. Which ships you use will depend on your strategy. Will you hold back and launch a counter attack or will you attack before they have a chance to load their cannons?

Liberate the Islands

The ocean is divided into territories, each of which has islands. As you fight pirates in a territory, you gradually liberate the local islands, which unlocks new locations on each island, new items to buy, and new crew to hire. Just don’t spend your gold too quickly.

Complete Missions

As you explore you may find someone who offers you a mission. Completing missions will unlock locations, unlock new ship designs, or reward you with gold. There’s always a primary mission that will move you closer to unraveling the plans of your enemies.

Hire Your Crew

Occasionally you will find someone willing to join your crew in exchange for gold or items. As your crew grows you can use more ships in combat or choose to use bigger ships, if you’ve discovered their designs.

Stop to Fish

You can’t fight pirates all the time! Fishing and botany are both available to help you relax while gaining some valuable items to sell. Mythical fish and plants are out there to discover and are worth a lot of gold. Finding them won’t be easy though.

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