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Space Maze – Steam CD Key


That is a real VR-action full of mysteries, awesome graphics and the sense of flight! Welcome to the Space Maze!

Space Maze – Steam CD Key


About Space Maze

Prove your reaction and skills in the “Space Maze” – a game, specifically designed for VR. Submerge into mysterious virtual world of the future and start navigating your own spaceship!

Game features:

  • Perfect gameplay and graphics
  • 15 spectacular maze-levels
  • Swift spaceships- Blade, Hammer, Saw, Lance, Trident
  • Dangerous obstacles, asteroids and drones!
  • Explosions and pursuits

Try to survive among the deadly asteroids, dodge the sudden obstacles and reach unharmed the entrance from mysterious maze. Only the fastest, the most skilled and creative would survive in these alien tunnels!

The dizzying trajectories, inevitable killer-drones, powerful upgrades, tens of dangerous surprises and traps would encounter you!
Only the bravest reach the end of a Maze!

Are you confident of your reaction and skills? Check your expertise in the Space Maze!

Start the game now!
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