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Tanglewood – Steam CD Key


Experience puzzle-platforming the way it’s meant to be. Designed and built on 90’s hardware, Tanglewood is a 16-bit love letter to the golden age of gaming. Guide Nymn home through a forest filled with danger, in classic 2D pixel-art style.

Tanglewood – Steam CD Key


About Tanglewood

They don’t make them like this any more. Designed from scratch on 90’s development hardware, built from the ground up in raw 68000 assembly code, Tanglewood is a true 16-bit platformer—now available on modern systems.

Originally released on SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, Tanglewood is now on Steam! We at Big Evil Towers asked a couple of friends to help out, and they came through—quickly building a bespoke Mega Drive emulator, meaning you can play Tanglewood on PC exactly as it should be.

But there’s more: every digital copy of Tanglewood includes the Mega Drive ROM, DRM-free, for you to do with as you please. Use your own favourite emulator, play on original hardware via a flash cart, add to your Retropie setup—it’s your game. Take it and have fun!

Anyway, the game: Nymn is a young Djunn, who has been separated from his pack. Lost, nervous and alone, he needs to find his way through the sprawling forest of Tanglewood—a place of darkness, night terrors and strange, hungry beasts.

Help Nymn make it through to morning by using special abilities, lateral thinking and quick reactions to avoid, defeat and overcome the challenges and monsters that await!

  • A true 16-bit game, designed and programmed on 90’s hardware
  • 28 levels across eight story chapters
  • Fast-paced 2D platforming meets interesting puzzles, tricks and surprises
  • Hand-crafted pixel art with fluid animation
  • Original soundtrack by freezedream, designed for the gorgeous tones of the YM2612
  • Day/night cycle, secrets, achievements and collectables

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