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World of Zombies – Steam CD Key


World of zombies – online-shooter without moral standarts and censor. World is f**ked up, so there is no need to hold back. Help Nick to survive, find family, collect swag and the rightfull place in post-apocalyptic world

World of Zombies – Steam CD Key


About World of Zombies

I`m an Artist and that’s what I see” – said our level designer and it turned out really well, considering that there are only three man working on the project for three years.

26 notorious speakers – here is the icing on the cake.

Our possibilities are limited only by imagination and budget. Great picture and good FPS – solid argument

Yeah, congratulations!
You can play on your ancient calculator.

WOZ – legacy and sequel to RTZ, same humor and **cking spontaneity. Teamplay gonna wreak your brain or you can make a real rumble in PvP.
The plot and snot are also hear. You see.

Multiplayer is available immediately after passing the “Training”.

Already available two network game modes: “Free” – the fight with other players for resources and “Classic ” – reflection of attacks infected.

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