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Badminton Warrior (羽毛球勇士 中国新年版) – Steam CD Key


Simple to learn but tough to master, Badminton Warrior provides a classic challenge that focuses on reflexes, timing, and problem solving. Clear, drive, and smash your way through the original sixteen levels plus a bonus Chinese New Year themed level!

Badminton Warrior (羽毛球勇士 中国新年版) – Steam CD Key


About Badminton Warrior (羽毛球勇士 中国新年版)


Chinese New Year Edition

Happy Chinese New Year Everybody…!

…or will it be? Someone has kidnapped the parade performers and replaced them with evil imposters. Only one kind of warrior can save the celebration now… a badminton warrior!

I am proud to announce Badminton Warrior Chinese New Year Edition. This version contains a completely new stage with firecrackers, red lanterns, dragons, and more. Enemies have been redesigned with a Chinese New Year theme to them plus an additional enemy type was created just for this level. Of course, there is also a brand new boss battle at the end with a funny twist.

Celebrate the holidays by smacking projectiles at opponents, testing your skill against new obstacles, and experiencing a lighthearted story that will put a smile on your face. I hope you enjoy this new edition!

(The Chinese New Year Edition includes the original game that has sixteen levels plus a tutorial stage.)


About the Game

One fine morning, Ral, Mindy, AJ, and Jing go to play badminton when an evil being appears and kidnaps Mindy. Things seem pretty grim until a mysterious, old man named Lao Pi materializes and offers Ral an enchanted badminton racquet. He explains that the racquet can deflect any attack back at an enemy but cannot do direct damage by itself. Determined to rescue his friend, Ral embarks on a journey which will take him from the clouds in the sky to the depths of Hades.

Navigate through intense, heart pounding traps and obstacles. Discover new and interesting ways to defeat your enemies. Meet a crazy cast of characters including a hockey player who thinks he is a god, a lacrosse player running an insane asylum, and a basketball player who turns his trophy into an actual wife. Experience a storyline that pokes fun of sports figures, video games, and pop culture in general. Most importantly, become the greatest warrior of all time… a badminton warrior!

  • 2D action platforming with a unique game mechanic. You can clear, drive, and smash projectiles at your enemies, but your racquet cannot harm anything by itself.
  • Simple controls (just a swing and a jump button).
  • Traps and puzzles that require quick thinking and reflexes to overcome.
  • Sports themed levels with a variety of oddball enemies.
  • Some games claim to have “Awesome” gameplay. This game has “Awesomer” gameplay. Seriously, there is a character named Awesomer in the game.
  • Stage select screen that lets you decide in what order you want to play them.
  • 8 bit style music and sound effects.
  • An unapologetic sense of humor.
  • Non-epic bosses. Just kidding. Wanted to make sure you were still paying attention. (The boss battles can be hard but are enjoyable and rewarding as well.)

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