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Feather – Steam CD Key


Feather is a multiplayer game about exploration, relaxation and immersion. Transform yourself into a bird, take flight, and enjoy a zen-like, picturesque landscape on your own terms. Swoop, glide, and backflip your way around mysterious locations to uncover hidden paths that only birds can follow!

Feather – Steam CD Key


About Feather

Feather is a peaceful bird simulation crafted for exploration, relaxation and immersion.

Whether you’re flying solo or with other online players, Feather allows you to become a bird and explore stunning locations as you soar through the skies. No enemies, no combat, no threats.

The passive multiplayer in Feather allows you to join a flock and enjoy flying with others, or just relax on your own. Navigate the vast open world and discover new songs in every nook and cranny.

Feather will immerse you in a beautiful island that responds to your presence with a hum, tone and rhythm beyond human comprehension.


  • Experience the world from a bird’s-eye view with fluid and responsive controls.
  • Explore a vast island with a dynamic weather system and day/night cycles.
  • Play with friends in seamless online multiplayer.
  • Fly peacefully without enemies, combat or threats.
  • Enjoy a relaxing ambient soundtrack and sound effects by Mitchell Pasmans.
  • Find sixteen unique songs hidden around the island.
  • Control your bird with gamepads or keyboard and mouse.

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