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GTA V: Premium Edition – Rockstar CD Key


In the single-player version of the game Grand Theft Auto V, the characters are tied to a linear storyline which must be worked along fairly straight-forwardly. This is not the case in the online version which offers more freedom – and this can translate into more complexity sometimes – to explore and pick and choose which missions you want to complete, rather than needing to tick-box one’s way through all the scenarios.

GTA V: Premium Edition – Rockstar CD Key


Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition – CD Key includes:

– the complete experience of Grand Theft Auto V history, the constantly evolving world of Grand Theft Auto Online, all the gameplay and content enhancements to date such as Doomsday Hit, Weapons Trafficking, Smuggler’s Run, Bikers and more.

Also included is the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, the fastest way to boost criminal empires for new GTA Online players. It contains the most exciting and popular content, plus a $1,000,000 bonus to spend on GTA Online. Valued at over $10,000,000 worth of GTA$.

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition for PC was launched alongside the single-player version of the game. The undertaking was an ambitious one, and at first the game was the butt of many complaints about playability issues. However, the developers got to work and released updates and patches that fixed these issues, alongside more missions and gameplay.

About GTA V – CD Key

The single-player story in Grand Theft Auto V is pretty straight-forward. This is not the case in the online version which offers more freedom to explore. This can translate into more complexity while choosing which missions you want to complete.

The online setting is the same as the single-player version, the fictional towns of San Andreas and Los Santos based in Blaine County, complete with a fully realised world and plenty of activities to try and buildings and streets to explore.

The online version of the game allows up to 30 players to play either cooperatively or competitively. Fighting together against other enemies, or against each other for short-term supremacy. You can join crews comprising strangers, or team up with friends by making a closed crew of your own.

No Lag Issues

With so many people accessing the servers at once, one might expect some lag or delays while everyone logs on and plays. In fact, logging on is quick and simple and lags seems to be very rare which is a pleasant surprise given how much raw data is streamed by just one player, never mind thirty! Of course, you must have high-speed broadband and a relatively good quality gaming computer to get the best experience from this game.

In Grand Theft Auto the player’s character is collected at the airport and issued with a vehicle and a weapon. Then there is an hour-long tutorial which should be attended to as it gives plenty of useful advice about how to explore the world, join co-ops or crews, and how to make the most of the game playing experience.

GTA V – CD-Key offers a great gameplay

Most multiplayer games are limited by the number of players, with everyone being herded into pre-set paths and story arcs. Not this one which is basically a massive open world where you and your teammates can roam. in the fictional Blaine County exploring buildings and features or battling it out on the road or with weapons.

Players can choose between:

  • Perform a drive-by shooting on a crowd of enemies
  • Perform a strafing run by stealing a plane and then conducting what amounts to an aerial drive-by
  • Heists – but no ordinary heists! The heists in this game require multiple team-mates and follow multiple stages, with careful planning required
  • Death matches – fight to the death, until only you survive, king of the world!
  • Co-operative missions – work with teammates to pull off missions that would be too big for one person alone
  • Race – race your buddies or your enemies with land, air, and sea races. You can use all the vehicles that you can find or acquire during the story.

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