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NightKnight – Steam CD Key


NightKnight is an intense, chaotic, fantasy VR archery game. Grab a magic bow and equip your favorite arrow to defend the castle from hordes of living undead. Could you survive the night and protect sweet Princess Day?”

NightKnight – Steam CD Key


About NightKnight


Play the role of Night Knight, part of the kingdom’s royal guard and sworn protector of Princess Day. You have taken an oath to serve and protect her at all cost. But unfortunately, the day has come where you have to words into action. A wicked witch has cursed the entire kingdom and turned everyone to undead. This undead army now seeks vengeance and terrorizes everyone in its path. The only way to stop them is to kill the witch, leaving a trail of destruction and death wherever they go as they will not rest until the witch is found and killed!

Your mission is to defend the castle gates from the undead army who attack at night, protect Princess Day and defeat the wicked witch. You will be rewarded kindly for your efforts each week you survived.

Pick up a bow and arrow and survive those nights. Each type of bow has its own special ability, and different types of arrows can inflict damage to the enemies in various ways. In addition, you can use different tactics by interacting with the environment, change your position for better aiming, use various traps to block the enemy from advancing and more.

Key Features

  • Beautiful medieval stylized theme, including a day and night atmosphere setting.
  • Bow mechanics based on real-life physics.
  • Diverse and unique types of enemies with different behaviors.
  • Use different types of bows, each one with its own unique style and power-ability to push the undead from taking over.
  • Coat your arrows with different types of nature elements to increase their damage.
  • Switch positions around the castle using teleports to maintain good coverage.
  • Use specially constructed traps to damage as many enemies as possible and to make the castle harder to breach.

And so much more!
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