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pixelBOT EXTREME! – Steam CD Key


EXTREME! retro side-scrolling shoot ’em up with a colorful twist! Become one with your controller, learn all rocket colors by heart and master a unique color-based destruction! SHOOT DIE RESPAWN! And most importantly… NEVER GIVE UP!

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About pixelBOT EXTREME!


Get ready for a supersonic, old-school side-scrolling shoot ’em up with a colorful twist!



  • COLOR-CODED CHAOS – Think fast to destroy four types of color-coded targets (red, green, blue, yellow) using matching colored rockets to pick apart the enemy’s defenses.
  • RETRO ARCADE GAMEPLAY – Old-school pixel art with original lo-fi music by Phonotrash and retro sound effects create a genuine arcade experience as you dodge deadly obstacles with a rocket-powered engine and collect different colored rockets en route to a showdown versus the unrelenting ultraBOT!
  • TONS OF REPLAYABILITY – Tear apart 25 levels spread throughout THREE unique 2D retro-looking worlds — each with their very own cutthroat challenges!
  • MULTIPLE DIFFICULTY MODES – Choose between easy, normal, or hard — or push your skills to the ABSOLUTE LIMIT with EXTREME challenge levels!
  • CO-OP MODE – Join forces with friends in “couch co-op” mode as you each take on the responsibility of destroying two of the four types of color-coded targets using pixelBOT’s matching colored rockets.
  • BADASS BOSS FIGHTS –There’s no getting out alive without surviving baleful boss fights that keep you on your toes thanks to the craftiness of your opponents.
  • EXTREME CHALLENGES – Hone your skills with EXTREME challenge levels meant for expert players only!
  • NO BORING BACKSTORY – Who IS pixelBOT? Who cares?! Why does he need to escape the Forbidden Factory? Mind your own damn business!


    pixelBOT EXTREME! is a hardcore gameplay experience and is not for the easily daunted. But don’t despair! Rapid respawns keep the action flowing while energy orbs keep you in the fight until it’s time for the final showdown!

    SHOOT DIE RESPAWN! And most importantly…

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