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StarWheels – Steam CD Key


StarWheels: Battle Kart Arena is an exclusive multiplayer game. In StarWheels, The Battle takes place in an arena, in wich you can fight alone or with team mate and items to score points and win the fight ! Be the first to win the fight ! Show to the world and all other pilots you are the best !

StarWheels – Steam CD Key


About StarWheels

StarWheels is a Battle Kart Arena game with various modes : Choose your kart and your favorite character, fight with your friends or alone against your opponents to dominate the party!

Game Modes/h2]

  • FFA : Fight against 6 pilots in an arena! Score 15 points with powerful items to win the party !
  • Team Battle : In this teammod, each player get 3 lifes. You have to kill your opponnent’s lifes to send them in prison, and win the game.
  • Orb In this mod, you have to cooperate. Take the orb, transfer it to your teammate, to reach and destroy the opponent generator

Choose YOUR gameplay

Custom your game , choose one of the abilities :

  • Jump : strengthen your reflexe with an agressive ability
  • Wall buld it to protect temporary yourself or trap your enemies
  • Translocator Drop it where you want, and relocate yourself from anywhere on the map

Do not hesitate to join us on discord !

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